We are Search Engine Domination, from Birmingham, and we make this claim right there in our Header because we can actually deliver the results. But don't just take our word for it - have a look at the absolutely genuine testimonials given by our customers by clicking through to the Testimonials page.

Find out more about those behind Search Engine Domination by checking the About Us page. You will find a short history of the company and micro-bios of the guys behind the name.

Watch the video below and see for yourself how effective our services are.
Our method is stunningly simple, effective and - best of all - INEXPENSIVE!

Okay, so what is Search Engine Domination? Well, we have discovered an almost effortless method of getting to the top of the Big Three search engines and thought it was about time that businesses local to us, in the West Midlands, got to benefit from his discovery.
Of course, we aren't going to tell folks exactly how we do this but the results are amazing. Our Proof page shows actual screenshots of the time taken to achieve these results. Be prepared for a shock - some of our customers have reached Page One in twenty-six seconds!

Let's just hear that again: 26 SECONDS!

If you feel your search engine placement isn't all that it should be, particularly if you've spent lots of money with another organisation, let us know by emailing us (email address on the Contact Us page) and we will make a visit to you and help you sort it out. We might even bring a Free Gift just to say Thank You for talking to us. We're nice like that!

Oh, and don't be concerned about the cost - we know there are companies out there that will smile while they empty your wallet but we are both determined to ensure fair play. It doesn't take a long time to accomplish amazing results, so why should we charge massive prices for our work? No reason - so we don't! Simple as that.

We have created a list of things that we can do for your business and have published this as an Our Services page, so you can cherry-pick the packages you need - effectively creating a personalised "Domination Package" which will suit your pocket.